3 Things You Might Not Know About Indoor Plants

Do you like gardening in your free time? Does it relax you, and put your mind at ease to grow and surround yourself with new life? How about inside your home? Most gardeners already do beautiful plants outside in their yards that would look lovely inside, and can still sustain life! Here are some things you may or may not know about when it comes to the science of indoor planting and growing:

indoor-plants-zenIndoor Plants are Good for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit 

That’s right! You heard it here. It’s true. Botanists, doctors, and spiritualists would all back me up on this. Because we are dependent on plants for the oxygen they provide us with in the air we breathe, there is already a harmony with the cohabitation of us and these beings already in our nature. We depend on them, and help to nourish them in their environments. This mutual exchange of positive reinforcement for plants and humans is good for the soul. It’s good for balance and peace with oneself, and for becoming healthier individuals as we breathe the fresh oxygen our plants provide us with. It’s a positive peace of mind thing. It’s good for your health and the environment you live and breathe in every day, which in itself gives you peace of mind, but it is said that indoor plants can also positively effect your mentality, and improve your state of emotions. Some psychologists will even use indoor plants in psychiatric facilities and hospitals because of their natural calming effect on patients. Care for a plant, love a plant! It’s literally therapeutic to the mind, body, and spirit.


indoor-plants-easyIndoor Plants are Easy to Manage 

Despite the occasional messy cleanup, plants are really not that difficult to manage indoors any more than they are outside. There are many species of plants that do well in areas of indirect sunlight; such as a table by a window, or in a room where rays of light can enter in more than one passageway. Fragrant plants such as lavender or lemongrass do extremely well in low-heat conditions, and most indoor plants require very little maintenance in watering. There’s no way you can lose. You can find the seeds online easily and start your indoor garden with vegetables, fragrant herbs, beautiful flowers, or almost anything you’d like. Every plant is slightly different and may require certain levels of care. Rare and exotic plants such as the Venus Fly Trap or many distinct members of the orchid family may require special care and attention, but each plant is unique with it’s own rewarding attributes and benefits. Just remember that grass-like, leafy plants are different from thick-leaved, spiky plants in water, nutrition, and light requirements. Read about your plant before switching how you grow to bring your plants closer.

indoor-plants-foodIndoor Plant Growing is a Rewarding Hobby 

Some people like edible plants such as peppers, mini-veggies like baby corn and Brussel-sprouts, or cherry tomatoes. You can eat your indoor plant harvest and save yourself time and money by not ever having to leave your home for these things. The miracle of indoor growing is that you can do it in any season, year round! So you have plenty of time to work on your magical green thumb and play around a bit with your growing technique. Start an herbs and spices collection with your indoor garden of basil, parsley, or mint plants. It’s way easy to do, and you’ll have everything you’ll ever need for your favorite recipes, right there in your kitchen.

There are people out there who pay top dollar for the quality seasonings and fruits you can grow right at home, just make sure you follow any regulations if you do begin to ‘sell’. Indoor farming can be fun, beneficial, and yes, even profitable. So get yourself a solid, sturdy table to set by your window for partial light growing; or buy the necessary grow lights and watering system to do it hydroponically. Either way, you’re sure to create fond memories and adventures for you and your new little plant friends if you do it right and put your effort into nurturing and healing these new life forms among you. There is never a dull moment when you are harvesting while you are still planting new seeds!

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