Bathroom Upgrades That Add Luxury

Bathroom upgrades can add convenience, value, and even a touch of luxury to your home. Spending money on a remodel of your bathroom is money well spent. It both builds equity and makes your life more convenient.

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. This is where we start our day and end our day. We collect our thoughts in the bathroom as we bathe, dress, and groom ourselves to go to work. We retire to the bathroom after a long day to remove makeup or brush our teeth. In the course of a lifetime, women spend about 1.5 years in a bathroom.

We often use the bathroom as a sort of retreat. A spa within the home, if you will. It’s the place where you can go inside, lock the door, and be left alone. No kids, no spouse, no pets; they are all off limits. It is an escape where we can just unwind.

In fact, when people are hunting for a new home they look for upgrades in the kitchen and in the bathroom. This is another reason that bathroom upgrades make both sense and cents.

When planning for bathroom upgrades, here are a few things to think about incorporating into the design.


low-flow-rainfall-shower-headCHANGE OUT YOUR SHOWER HEAD

Consider upgrading your shower to a low flow rainfall shower head. It will give you the feeling of being in a spa. The wider head on a rainfall shower head gives a luxurious flow of water that rinses you gently but well. Literally, you will feel like you are washing your cares down the drain when you shower each day. You will also conserve water. Therefore, you will save a little money every month.



Do you have a worn out laminate countertop? Tear it out and replace it with granite. You will get an instant luxury look.

Laminate quickly becomes scratched and scuffed looking. In addition, steam from the shower may cause it to buckle over time. The humidity in the bathroom makes granite a perfect fit for the environment.

Granite is a natural stone. Once installed and properly sealed, it is virtually indestructible. This is an investment that you will enjoy for many years.


If you have a single sink in a long countertop, think about adding an additional sink. The double sink is a high-end look. It allows one partner to brush teeth while the another one is shaving or washing up. When it comes to resale, this is a must-have on the list of many house hunters.





Modern Bathroom interior with stone wallRUB A DUB SOAKER TUB

The soaking tub is a hot right now bathroom trend. Once, the jetted bathtub or whirlpool was considered desirable. However, because of the high cost of electrical installation and maintenance, they have become less popular. This made way for the sizzling hot soaker tub trend.

Switch out your ho-hum bathtub to an oversized soaking tub. Relax and enjoy a glass of wine while you stretch out in your soaker tub. Sink into the warm water and give yourself the luxury of relaxation!

You will also add value and appeal to your home.


rheem rtg-64xln 6.4 gpm outdoor tankless water heaterINSTANT GRATIFICATION

Switch over to a tankless water heater. Hot water tanks take quite a while to get the hot water dispensed for your use. However, tankless water heaters cut that wait time in half.

This means you get your hot water even faster. Additionally, you get more than enough hot water to fill an oversized spa tub or take and extra long shower.

When you add a tankless water heater, you also add value to your home. They are considered superior to hot water tanks and more desirable for resale.


waterproof-bluetooth-speakersWATERPROOF BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS

As you are relaxing in your bathroom, you will undoubtedly want to enjoy music.

Think about your last trip to a day spa. You were likely treated to soft music or perhaps nature sounds. You felt transported away by those soothing tones.

You can treat yourself to the same experience at home with waterproof Bluetooth technology. There are Bluetooth speakers actually constructed to withstand the humidity of the bathroom.
Load the sounds of nature onto your iPod and treat yourself!

When you are ready for upgrades in your bathroom, remember to allow yourself to experience luxury while you’re building value in your home.


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