Bosch 330 PN LP Therm 3.3GPM (Propane) | Review

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This is a propane powered tankless heater that makes use of a Piezo ignition push up button. It runs automatically as long as there is propane.

It has no need for supervision and does not need electricity or batteries to function. This makes it perfect for areas such as cottages, camps or cabins. Bosch 330 PN LP is suitable for areas with low water flow rate.

Features of Bosch 330 PN LP Tankless Water Heater

The Pros

Low flow rate

Bosch 330 PN LP has a minimum activation flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minutes. Its maximum BTU input is 75,000. It has the capacity to produces 3.3 gallons per minutes. This makes it perfect for areas with low flow rate and small households. It works perfectly in areas where the demand for hot water is very minimal and can only power one hot water faucet a time.

Constant Temperature

Bosch 330 PN LP supply water at a constant temperature and at varying flow rates. The modulating gas valve attached to it helps the heater retain a constant high to low temperature control.


The Bosch 330 PN LP is very compact and suitable for households short on space. It is so small and weighs just 20 pounds with a dimension of 10.5×18.5×36.8inches. It size helps it fit in snugly at designated point without taking up space in the house. Its compactness makes the installation process easy. It comes already assembled. All you need do is to mount it and this does not take more than 15 minutes.


3-15 years warranty

It is built with light and sturdy material. The heat exchanger is made of copper to optimize heat transfer. The BTU 75,000 is made of stainless steel, consequently the heaters have a life expectancy of over 20 years depending on usage.

Vent with Galvanized B vents

It is vent with galvanized B vents which allow in natural draft.

De scaled hard water

Its heat exchanger can easily de scale hard water and remove mineral deposit. This enhances the heater performance and its durability.

The cons

It is for single application

Bosch 330 PN LP has the major disadvantage of serving a single application at a time. It has the ability to serve just one hot water faucet at a time. This entails that all other hot water appliances will be on hold once the shower is in use

The temperature drops a little in the shower if more than one faucet is turned up in the house. Its production capacity of 3.3 gallons per minutes is also low and can not meet heavy demand for hot water.


Customers support review

Going by the reviews on Bosch 330 therm PN LP tankless water heater, the unit has an average rating. The major problem indentified is its inability to handle two water faucets simultaneously without a drop in performance and power pressure. The fact that other hot water appliances have to put on hold is equally a big minus.

Although, its ability to retain a steady temperature is an advantage, the odds far out weighs this singular benefit, hence not highly recommended except for situations where demand for hot water supply is very minimal like a caravan.

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