Bosch 520 PN NG Therm Natural Gas 5.2GPM | Review

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Bosch 520 PN NG is specially designed with user’s comfort in mind. It is a simple and uncomplicated tankless water heater. It is designed for use in areas with constant power outages. And efficiently powers no more than two water supply units at a time. It is also known for is simplicity and low price tag.

Distinctive features of Bosch 520 PN NG Therm Tankless Water Heater

Makes use of Natural Gas

Bosch 520 PN NG uses a Piezo ignition system. The Piezo ignition utilizes a crystal spring to create a spark, easily igniting the unit. For people who live in places where electricity is inaccessible or areas where there is constant power outage Bosch 520 is a good alternative and a big advantage. It has no need for electricity. With Bosch 520 PN NG you will always have hot water on demand.

For Residential and Indoor use

Bosch 520 PN NG is suitable for residential and indoor use. It weighs about 40 pounds with a thermal efficiency rate of 78 -80 percent. It works best in altitude of up 4500ft.

Furthermore, it produces a maximum of 5.2 gallons of hot water per minute. A minimal input flow rate of 0.5 gallon per minute and 117,000 BTU maximum makes it the perfect match for large households with two bathrooms. Bosch 520 PN provides constant running hot water to such household without compromise on its power performance


Gas Modulating Valve

It comes with a modulating gas valve which makes adjusting the heater to your preferred temperature very easy. With this unit the hassle of fluctuation in temperature associated with the traditional water heater is long gone. This device offers you the opportunity to set the unit at a non- condensing or condensing mode via a modulating gas valve hence maintaining a constant temperature at all times.


Easy Installation process

Unlike some tankless water heaters with complicated set up, Bosch 520 PN NG comes with easy to read instruction manual. Bosch easy to understand manual helps you save time and money. Its uncomplicated installation process means you can do the installation yourself without seeking a professional. This helps you making a little saving while learning new skills.


I5 years warranty

It has a 15 years warranty and a life expectancy of about 25 years. Its parts are 100 % serviceable. With proper maintenance culture it can last for a very long time. This is not particular surprising considering the pedigree of the company. Bosch brands are known to be durable.



The downside of Bosch 520 PN NG Therm Tankless Heater

It comes with a plastic gas valve unlike the older version that has metal gas valve. This makes it vulnerable to constant damage and repair.

It is not built for bathroom installation. This makes it unsuitable for bathing but ideal for long showers.

It designed for residential application only. This makes it unsuitable for in mobile homes or boats or places that require outdoor installation.



Customers Review Support

Going by customer reviews on the product, Bosch 520 PN NG Tankless Water Heater comes highly recommended. It has a very positive rating from users. And the preferred choice for users in the places where there is little or no regular supply of electricity. Its ability to carry two hot water supply faucets in large households without fluctuation in hot water temperature or compromise in power performance stands Bosch 520 PN NG out in users’ minds.

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