Bosch AE-7.2 PowerStar 1.2 GPM Point-Of-Use Indoor Tankless Electric Water Heater| Review

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Bosch has made a huge impact in the home appliance space and their ranges of water heaters are quite popular. Of late, tankless water heaters have won over the place of those water heaters that comes with huge tanks. This is mainly due to the kind of convenience that these tankless water heaters come with.

Bosch has come up with many exciting models of tankless water heater with great features. Bosch AE-7.2 PowerStar is one of the hot and happening models of tankless water heater that is known to come with excellent features and facilities.

What can you expect out of Bosch AE-7.2 PowerStar?

Bosch AE-7.2 PowerStar is a great functioning tankless water heater with many advantageous features.

Saves energy

Bosch AE-7.2 PowerStar is one water heater that helps cut down energy cost to a considerable extent at your household. If you are a person who want to get the best out of a tankless water heater and also expect your power consumption to be less then this is for you. The best part is the fact that the tankless water heater switches on only when there is a need for hot water and the rest of the time it does not take away energy unnecessarily. This makes this model one of the most reasonable and economic model of tankless water heater.


Bosch AE-7.2 PowerStar scores when it comes to efficiency. The tankless water heater model is known to provide continuous supply of hot water on demand and has got a capacity of 1.2 Gallons Per Minute (GPM). It is a perfectly reliable in demand tankless water heater. It is known to be 99% efficient. The unit is known to function at 220-Volt at 84-Percent and on 208-Volt at 75-Percent of capacity respectively.

Easy installation

One of the most interesting aspects about Bosch AE-7.2 PowerStar is the fact that it facilitates easy installation. You can fit the unit easily without any sort of professional help which is a great advantage. Many tankless water heaters in the market are known to come with some complicated installation process and installing charge for these models is quite expensive. Bosch AE-7.2 PowerStar saves cost on installation. You can easily mount the unit anywhere you want. It is possible to mount it in different directions and angles.


This PowerStar range tankless water heater comes with a dimension of 12.2 x 6.5 x 3 inches and weighs about 5 pounds in total. This model was released in the year 2006 and been doing well in the tankless water heater market space. It provides endless supply of hot water for bathroom, kitchen, sink and other areas. It is an ideal water heater for domestic purposes.

What customers say?

Bosch AE-7.2 PowerStar enjoys good popularity as the model is known to provide with constant supply of hot water on a regular basis. The tankless water heater model is able to manage the hot water consumption for the entire household. It automatic switch on feature when there is a need for hot water bring down energy consumption to a considerable extent. There have been issues with few units with regard to installation. Though, installation turns out to be easy, it is best to rely upon professional help.

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