Bosch C 1050 ES LP Greentherm C 150 ES LP 10.5GPM Propane

410 Gone

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Bosch C 1050 ES LP is a 9O pound tankless water heater powered by propane, with a 199,000 max input, this heater supplies steady flow of hot water to various faucets simultaneously at a steady temperature. This unit is ideal for large sized household with heavy demand for hot water.

It has a dimension of 11.2 x17.9×30.5 inches and a max flow of 10.5 GPM at 35 degrees rise. This energy star tankless water heater has an energy factor up to 0.94 and is equipped with automated and fully modulating by pass for unsurpassed DHW temperature stability.

Features and Benefits

High stability of hot water temperature

The unit comes with an active by pass which helps it maintain a steady water temperature. This distinctive feature is a big plus for the unit.

Furthermore, the unit keeps on churning hot water to your hearts content without the slightest drop in temperature irrespective of the number of faucets that are turned up in a row or how long you stay under shower. With Bosch C1050 ES LP tankless heater gone are the days when you have to endure temperature fluctuations.

Easy installation

The installation of Bosch C 1050 ES LP is quite easy and uncomplicated that a non professional can mount the heater. It does not require you to be too technical and is only a couple of hours work. You can save some extra cash installing the heater by following the installation guides that comes with the unit.

Mobile app

If you are a fan of new innovation Bosch C 1050 ES LP will be an absolute delight as it comes fully equipped with mobile app. This helps detect faults and proffer solution.
This simply means you can get information about technical details and sizing by clicking on the technical documentation button.

No more waiting for hours for plumbers or spending your hard earned money on problems which you can easily handle your self. At the click of the button you are directed on how to quickly rectify the situation.

Manufacturer warranty

Bosch is reputed for the longevity of its tankless water heaters and Bosch C 1050 ES LP is no different. The unit comes with warranty for 3-15 years depending on application.

Built in Freeze Protection

The Bosch C 1050 ES LP comes with a built in freeze protection and water filter that is externally accessible but does not come with a PRV.


There is no known shortfall associated with this brand of tankless water unit. Users of the brand gave a satisfactory high rating for Bosch C 1050 ES LP and are totally taken in by its ability to maintain a steady hot water temperature irrespective of the number of hot water faucet turned on at the same time.

Review Summary

Based on the 5 star rating this product received from satisfied customers, Bosch C 1050 ES LP is recommended for people living in large homes with high demand for endless water supply at a steady temperature.

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