Bosch C 1210 ESC LP Liqud Propane Indoor Commercial Condensing 12.1GPM

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There is no denial over the fact that Bosch is one of the best brands that you get to find in the market today. The brand is known to introduce exceptional products under various categories from time to time and it is one of the hot and happening brands on a global level.

Over the years, many new tankless water heater brands have come up in the market but Bosch is known to find a special position in this highly competitive space. The Bosch C 1210 ESC LP Liqud Propane Indoor Commercial Condensing Tankless Water Heater is yet another winning model of tankless water heater that was introduced in the year 2012 and it has been doing really well in this space.

Why Bosch C 1210 ESC LP Commercial Condensing Tankless Water Heater?

Easy and efficient

The Bosch C 1210 ESC Liquid Propane commercial condensing tankless water heater model is efficient and is known to provide for hot water on a consistent basis. The water heater is known to be packed with several useful and interesting features which makes the whole thing quite comfortable to handle. The unit could be handled with ease and there are no complex procedures associated with it. Also, it is known to be efficient when it comes to meeting up with high demand of hot water for commercial use. The indoor tankless water heater works on liquid propane. It is known to provide hot water up to 180 degrees F with a flow rate of 12.1 GPM.

High tech features

The Bosch model comes with highly advanced features that provides for exceptional use for commercial needs. It has got serviceable parts that could be changed without much hassle, should a problem arise. It is also known to come with vents in the form of PVC that can be up to 63 feet long. The unit comes with a product dimension of 17.9 x 11.2 x 30.5 inches and weighs 89.8 pounds.

Durable and reliable

Bosch C 1210 ESC LP turns out to be durable and reliable model tankless water heater that is designed for creating proper resistance towards hard water. This ensures that the unit stays in best working condition for several years together. It needs to be understood that this is the only condensing water heater model that has received ASME approval in the tankless water heater space.

What customers have to say about Bosch C 1210 ESC LP?

The Bosch C 1210 ESC LP is known to come with a fair review overall. It is known to be good when it comes to performance and features. It is known to work well indoors for commercial usage. However, the unit would be able to work in perfect manner only when all the conditions surrounding the unit turn out to be perfect and supportive. It is also known to consume a large amount of energy and if there is no sufficient energy then the unit would stop working then and there.

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