Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater and Outdoor Shower | Review

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Eccotemp L5 portable tankless water heater is the top selling model in the market that has caught the attention of consumers all over the world with its stunning features and impeccable technology.

All the components are included in the unit and come as a complete package. It could be readily used once taken out of the package and there is no need to fix or assemble any parts.

Attractive Features of Eccotemp L5

1.     Compact and handy 

Water heaters are generally considered to be one appliance that cannot be moved around easily from one place to another but Eccotemp L5 has broken this dogma with its compact and portable water heater model. It is now possible to move your tankless water heater outdoors and yet manage to get a constant flow of hot water. As the model does not have a tank inside, as in the case of conventional water heaters, it weighs just about 11 pounds.

The dimension measures at 20 x 4.5 x 12 inches and this is fairly smaller when compared to other models available in the market. It is a perfect heater to be used on cabins campsites and mobile homes.

2.     Easy to set and use

The best part about Eccotemp L5 is its user-friendly interface. The tankless water heater can be installed easily without any hassles. Since it is a portable model, the company has made sure to make the installation process simple and convenient so that it is able to serve the true purpose. In order to start functioning outdoors, the heater needs to be connected to propane tank and an apt garden hose nozzle. The automatic ignition system found in the heater ensures to send out hot water in just few seconds after turning on the tap. You can set the temperature to a convenient level with the help of the knob. Eccotemp L5 supports multiple spray system and you have to choose the desirable pressure level.

3.     Battery-operated

Eccotemp L5 is specifically designed for outdoor usage and hence it runs with the help of batteries. The heater runs on two D-cell batteries which are not included in the package. The minimum and maximum water pressure for this particular unit is 20 PSI and 10 PSI respectively. It is apt to be used where electricity connection is not possible. The appliance heats water in a range that extends from 80 degrees to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Disadvantages of Eccotemp L5

The one big concern with regard to Eccotemp L5 is that it could not work best when it is exposed to a windy environment and the heating capacity reduces in such a situation. On the other hand, the water gets too hot sometimes that it can cause a burn. So one needs to take adequate note of the temperature and adjust as and when necessary.

Customer Reviews Summary

Eccotemp L5 enjoys a good reception in the market. Many consumers feel that the tankless water heater model is perfect in features and technology front. The heater is able to produce hot water continuously even it is set at a lower temperature. It is easy to install and is capable of generating 37.5K BTUs of hot water in its sleek, portable and compact unit. On the downside, when the pressure setting is high, the hot water supply is interrupted and cold water comes out in few seconds. The appliance requires constant temperature adjustments now and then as the water either becomes too hot or is plain cold. Other than that, Eccotemp L5 is the best outdoor tanklesss water heater model that awes users with its performance.

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