ECO Smart ECO 36 36KW 240V Electric 6 GPM | Review

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ECO Smart Eco 36 36KW is a super heavy duty electric tankless water heater from the stable of ECO Smart. It has the capacity of heating up to 6 gallons of water per minute. This unit became available in the market on July 21, 2014 and is powered by electricity. Designed for indoor installation, it weighs 21.6 pounds with a dimension of 17x19x3.8inches.

The self modulating unit is also ideal for people with high demand for hot water and living in the United States because of the region’s incoming water temperature which can reach as low as 37 degrees F. Shipping services is currently available only within United States.


Features and Benefits

Some of the attracting features of ECO Smart Eco 36 are:

Self Modulating Technology/Digital control temperature Device

ECO 36 is the largest electric tankless water heater with the ECO Smart patented self modulating technology. This feature allows the unit adjust to incoming water temperature. It has the ability to adjust to extreme low incoming water temperature of 37 degree F. At this temperature ECO 36 can still supply 3.6 galloon of hot water.

This same device allows for digital control temperature in an increment of 1 degree making room for allowing users to adjust the water temperature to desired preference.

Multi application usage

Eco 36 has the overwhelming capability to supply hot water to large families with multiple hot water outlets. It can conveniently supply endless streams of hot water to two bathrooms, a dish washer, washing machine and a constant cook simultaneously.

Saves on Electrical bills

The fact that the model uses a 150 amp for dedicated services means you need not upgrade to a higher amp if you are currently using 200 amp lines in your house. The beauty of it is that most homes have 200 amp lines and the 150 Amp is not used at once. Eco Smart 36 does not run on full throttle at once. It gradually draws as much current as is needed to heat the water at the set point. Thus it allows to save up to 50% percent on electric bills.

Life time warranty for residential use

The model has a life time warranty. Its detachable parts make the model last for a long time. The external case is easy to get off to work on the inside. The heating elements are easy to unscrew. You can easily remove and replace the parts if need be without having to replace the whole unit.


Downsides of ECO SMART 36 36KW Tankless Units

Despite the positive features and benefits of Eco Smart 36, there are still some flaws associated with the unit. First among these flaws is:

Cost of installation

Eco Smart 36 tankless water heater installation can not be done by a novice in the field. It certainly required the skills of a certified plumber and electrician. There are a lot of technical details that only professionals can handle. The cost of the professionals and additional items such as four double poles [ 240V], 40 circuit breakers, #8 breaker wiring makes installation of eco 36 costly. This is in addition that it can be quite messy because of the need to build a panel big enough to hold the unit in place. Using a novice or trying to do it your self might result to mistake which easily nullify the life time warranty.

Central location

Another downside is that the unit needs a central location. It has to be strategically located at the centre of the house. This ensures that hot water travels to the other sides of the house at the set pace. Installing the unit in any other part of the house would definitely negate the principle of on demand hot water supply.

Reviews Summary

Going by customer reviews and the overwhelming 5 star rating ECO Smart 36 36KW 240V tankless water heaters are highly recommended to large sized family with high demand for water, whose incoming water temperature can be very low.

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