Ecosmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 27 KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology | Review

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Why should you buy Ecosmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater?

Here are few main features that make the product stand out from the rest.

1.     Energy efficient

Tankless heaters are, in general, popular for its energy efficient system and the Ecosmart ECO 27 model goes one step higher and tops in this front with its new patented Self modulating system. This system facilitates power adjustments automatically based on the amount of electricity required for heating the water. Also, the heater does not have a tank inside so it does not store and heat the water as it happens with the traditional ones. Here, water is heated instantly as it passes through the central heating system. You will actually be saving the heating costs up to 60%.

2.     Easy to Use

Ecosmart ECO 27 is not only energy efficient but it also turns out to be user-friendly. The heater is a compact model and does not take a lot of space. You will be saving up to 12 cubic feet of storage space. The tankless electric water heater can be operated without much effort from your side. Also, the installation process is quite simple and easier than the gas powered model and anyone can get it installed. However, going for expert help is always safer. The size and the ease of installation make it a best option.

3.     Sleek, attractive and functional

The design of Ecosmart ECO 27 is sleek, stylish and attractive. It has a digital display located above the knob with the help of which you can set the required temperature. With this system, you will be able to set the heater in a specific heating temperature in the increments of 1 degree which will prevent the occurrence of any fluctuations. Though the appliance is small and compact, it is capable of heating 3 gallons of water per minute at a lower temperature of 37 degrees. You will get unlimited supply of hot water from it.

4.     Lifetime Warranty Period

The tankless water heater comes with a lifetime warranty for consumer in the US and Canada. Electronic items, exchangers and other essential components are included under the warranty. You should check with the terms and conditions regarding the warranty claims from the official website of Ecosmart.

The electric heater is capable of supplying hot water continuously for various purposes and the best part is that the water remains hot even under collective usage of the appliances.

What are the disadvantages of the product?

The product comes with some disadvantages as well. Ecosmart ECO 27 sees a mild fluctuation in temperature in the initial but after few minutes; the temperature becomes stable and starts giving hot water as required. Apart from this, you will have to spend some money out of your pocket for the installation process as it requires additional components. You may have to upgrade it with pole breakers and other support systems for its smooth functioning.

Even though the product comes with the above disadvantages, it still turns out to be the best water heater and scores in technology and features. Overall, this model is the best tankless water heater you can get for residential use.

Customer Review Summary

Ecosmart ECO 27 makes super-hot water at low flow rates and struggles a bit when it comes to high flow rate. The unit of Ecosmart is perfect in many ways. When there is an issue with the heating elements, it could be easily replaced with standard elements available to be purchased separately. Top quality materials are used to build the inside of the unit which makes it a reliable option. The installation process is simple and easy. Anybody with a decent plumbing skill should be able to pull it off effortlessly and the entire process would take one to two hours. However, lifetime warranty is available to only those who have got the heater installed with professional help. The smart energy meter on the heater facilitates checking and setting of the energy levels to the desired level. This product is looked upon as the best priced tankless electric water heater that works best for residential purposes.

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