Roof Maintenance

An Essential Guide to Roof Maintenance

Having a roof over your head is one of the fundamental needs for us humans, but many of us are unaware that you need to know how to maintain a roof to ensure it provides a high level of shelter. After all, the last thing you want is a leak in your roof as, not only will you get wet as you try to sleep, it can lead to structural damage which affects the value of your home.

However, it’s easy to remedy or even prevent such scenarios by carrying out regular maintenance on your roof. And the work required is relatively straightforward compared to the work required once a roof falls into disrepair, so let’s go through how to maintain a roof.

Regular Inspections

Your roof will be at its most vulnerable during and just after winter, so it’s crucial that you carry out regular inspections during this period. These don’t necessarily need to be made whilst up on the roof and, sometimes, it will be enough just to give a visual inspection from the ground level. If you notice any of the following, though, that’s when you need to get your ladder for a closer inspection:

  • Missing tiles
  • Damaged or loose tiles
  • Loose panels around vents, chimneys etc
  • Roof shingles which are beginning to fray or curl up

Keep the Roof Clean

Over time, your roof can accumulate a lot of debris such as dirt, leaves, branches and even footballs! Whilst you can’t expect a roof exposed to the elements to remain spotless, you should make sure that you keep it as tidy and clean as possible to help prevent any damage to the roof.

Once you’ve stripped all the debris, then you can use a pressure washer to blast clean the roof from the safety of a secure ladder. As well as cleaning the actual roof, it’s vital that you regularly inspect the gutters whilst up there. The last thing you need is a gutter blocked full of leaves as this can lead to the guttering collapsing and risking a potential flood to your home.

Also, a good point to make is that if you have any trees next to your house it’s important that you regularly trim back any branches which are at roof height. Not only can these branches damage your roof in high winds, but they’re also going to contribute to wildlife and scattered branches accessing your roof.

Dealing with Moss and Lichen

LichenOne area of cleaning the roof which requires its own section is when it comes to the problem of moss and lichen. Whilst they may look harmless, moss and lichen can be problematic little beasts. Moss, in particular, is a hardy plant which is difficult to eradicate purely by hand and, along with lichen, can affect the way in which water runs off the roof.

The idea of a slanted roof is to get rid of water as quickly as possible, but with moss and lichen in the way it can get held up and sit on your roof. This is bad news for the structure and integrity of your roof, so eliminating moss and lichen is essential.

Thankfully, there’s a wide range of chemicals available which will fight moss and lichen to give control of your roof back to yourself. First, you need to remove as much of the moss as possible by hand, so something like a stiff bristled broom should allow you to remove the top layers pretty easily. Next you need to apply the chemical remover and allow it to sit for a couple of hours before going back over the surface with your broom to remove the last of the moss and lichen.

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