EZ 101 Tankless Water Heater – Propane LPG – Portable – Battery Powered Ignition – Camping – RV | Review

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EZ 101 is a top quality, outdoor tankless water heater model that is well known in the water heater space for its environment-friendly features. The portable heater is reliable, compact and energy-efficient. This particular model is powered by propane and does not require electricity to function.

It is known to be in the best working condition for years together. It comes with automatic operative system, low water pressure ignition and safety timer for better consumer experience.

Main features of EZ 101

EZ 101 has got many advantageous features that help the product stand out as the best in the market.

1.     Automatic functioning system

EZ 101 comes with an automatic operative system that controls the unit’s temperature as per the requirement. Once the unit is installed in a proper manner, the heater starts functioning efficiently. There is no requirement to ignite the unit manually. Hot water stops coming once the tap is turned off.

2.     Battery powered

EZ 101 uses battery powered ignition mechanism to heat the water. It does not require connection with switch boards as it works on battery. This makes it an ideal heater that can be used outdoors conveniently. EZ 101 heater just requires two D cell batteries which serve for one full year before the need for the replacement arises.

3.     Portable

The appliance is designed for outdoor usage and could be easily installed and removed as and when needed. As it does not come with a tank inside like conventional water heater, it weighs only 14 pounds and can be moved around easily without any hassles. It is ideal to be used at workshops, barns, cabins, campsites, sheds and other such areas where electricity connection is not possible.

4.     Safety features

EZ 101 comes with safe, energy efficient features. It turns off the gas valve automatically once the water supply faces interruption, thereby no gas is wasted. The 20 minute timer of the heater ensures safe usage anytime.

Disadvantages of EZ 101

One of the major setbacks for the product is that it does not offer full warranty like other tankless water heater. The manufacturer’s warranty does not include freeze damage. As EZ 101 is an outdoor model, it is susceptible to freeze damage caused during winter season. Also, the unit is able to deliver only 1.6 gallons per minute which is quite less in comparison to other heaters.

Customer Reviews  Summary

The overall response of EZ 101 has been good. The main attractions of the tankless water heater turn out to be its safety features and smart technology. The heater facilitates easy installation and could be carried around anywhere one wants without any issues. By operating the tap or water spigot, the unit can be turned on/off automatically. The entire system is user-friendly and is designed with safety and efficiency in mind. The heater does not support many D cell battery brands and only few brands fits in.  EZ 101 does not waste gas and turns off the system automatically.

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