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GRAY FLOORS: The Hottest Color Trend Meets Traditional Materials

We at have noticed lately that the gray trend is here to stay so we decided you should know about it; in the hottest flooring trend, gray floors meet traditional materials. Gray is so popular because it is a classic, neutral color. It has a cool, understated elegance. Grey floors are a soft neutral. This makes them more flattering to a contemporary style than brown.

Gray floors are available in all the traditional flooring materials. Of course, we all want time-tested and durable flooring materials. However, when you install a gray floor, traditional floors get an instant update. Gray makes everything look fresh and contemporary.

Gray is considered the “new neutral.” Of course, gray has been around in flooring. However, it was primarily only available in carpet, vinyl, and ceramic tiles. Flooring manufacturers have responded to customer demand and you can now purchase almost any flooring material in this popular color.

gray-paletteYou have a wide range of color choices. From the lightest pearly shade of gray to the deepest graphite, there is a gray for everyone!







Wood floors remain a favorite flooring material. Wood is elegant in appearance, easy to clean, and feels good to walk on. Wood is a wonderful choice in living areas. Gray gives wood floors an amazing update!

Updated installation techniques, such as a chevron stripe pattern, show off the elegance of gray wood flooring to perfection. This high-end finish is a very customized and stylish look you will enjoy for many years.

gray-bamboo-floorLike wood floors, bamboo is a popular choice for living areas. However, bamboo has been continually gaining popularity. This is because bamboo is a reasonably priced flooring material. In addition, it is considered an eco-friendly product. Because bamboo is technically a grass, not a wood.

It is a constantly renewing source. In fact, it’s downright invasive in parts of Asia!

Bamboo used to be available in only a natural, blonde finish. Engineering advances now allow bamboo finished in a new variety of colors. This includes the hottest trend: gray. That means you can now use affordable bamboo in this hot color scheme.

Laminate gray floors are also commonly chosen. With laminate flooring, you get the high-end look of wood for about half the cost of materials. They are durable enough to even be used in a high traffic area like a foyer. Laminate is very easy to keep clean.

Installing laminate flooring can be accomplished by most homeowners. You only need basic carpentry skills and a few tools to install your own floors. This means you can save money on paying a professional contractor to complete your installation.

gray-ceramic-floorCeramic tile floors are also still popular. The ceramic tile floor is a classic in the kitchen. This is because the materials are water resistant. When you choose gray ceramic tiles, your kitchen cabinetry looks fresh and your trim and moldings pop. Add pops of color for a bold, updated look.







slate-flooring-tilesSlate floors give a similar look to ceramic tile floors. Slate is a high-end flooring surface. It is a little pricey. But once you make the investment, you will get your money’s worth. It’s organic, natural beauty makes it worth the higher price tag.

Slate is a flooring material popular in the kitchen. Also consider it in the bathroom for a sleek, modern twist to this traditional material. In addition, purchasing it in the smaller quantity needed for a bathroom makes it more affordable. You get maximum impact in a smaller room.




vinyl-flooring-grayFinally, while some people may be under the impression that vinyl flooring is no longer popular, nothing could be further from the truth! Vinyl is the most affordable flooring material available. Therefore, it remains a popular choice.

Vinyl is perhaps the easiest to clean flooring choice. Also, if it ever does need to be replaced the investment is far less costly. It is a great option for families with young children or on a tight budget.

Take a look at the new “luxury” vinyl flooring. Gone are the days when vinyl was only available as a single sheet. Luxury vinyl is available in planks that look like real wood or squares that have the appearance of ceramic tiles. The new vinyl material is constructed of a thicker grade material and looks amazingly good!





When you are considering new floors, think gray! Gray floors allow you to use durable and time-proven flooring materials. However, you can get that contemporary look when you choose gray.

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