How much does a tankless water heater cost?

Tankless water heaters have become a huge hit in the water heater market and it is slowly and steadily replacing the old, conventional water heater models. Water heaters are an essential appliance that can be used for both residential as well as commercial purposes. The rise of the popularity of tankless water heater model can mainly be attributed to the many beneficial and advantageous features and functionalities that it comes with. Apart from that, tankless water heaters are known to be better in terms of cost as well. One question that is commonly asked by those who get introduced to the concept of tankless water heater is how much do tankless water heaters cost? The new, advanced, without tank water heaters comes in various price ranges and are comparatively a much better option than the traditional heaters.

How much is a tankless water heater?

The price of tankless water heater solely depends on the model, features that it offers and its capacity. Water heaters come with different features and capacities and people need to choose the apt model that would best suit their requirements. The total tankless water heater cost includes manufacturer’s price and installation costs.

A good quality tankless water heater that is able to provide users with sufficient hot water to meet up with their needs should cost from $800 to $1600. There are also water heaters available less than this price but they may not render the expected results and turns out to be substandard in quality. Installation cost, generally, ranges from $200 to $300 based on the tankless water heater model that you are choosing.

What about the Installation?

When fixing tankless water heaters for your household, it is important to set aside an amount as installation costs. Many people believe that installation process is quite simple in the case of tankless types. Though water heaters without tanks are relatively much easier to install, it is better to get the installation done by a professional to gain the expected results. Many manufacturers have their warranty valid only on those heaters that are installed with professional help.

Some of the tankless water heater brands like Rinnai, Ecotemp and many such providers require the heater to be installed by a certified technician in order to claim help under warranty. This is because half the issue caused in tankless water heater is by faulty installation.

Different price ranges

Both gas powered water heaters as well as electricity powered tankless heaters are prominent in the market and come in different price range. Each model has got its own advantages and limitations based on cost. Electrical and gas powered water heaters are used for domestic purposes whereas high volume, tankless gas water heaters are extensively used for commercial purposes.

Is it worth the initial extra cost?

The popular belief is that tankless water heaters are more priced than conventional water heaters. It needs to be understood that though tankless water heaters appear to be higher in cost than the usual water heaters, the overall expense that is created out of the heater model is much less. Without tank water heaters are energy efficient. It does not have a tank inside for the purpose of storing and heating the water, thereby does not consume much energy compared with conventional tanks that has a storage tank inside. Using tankless water heaters at your house, you can cut about 50% of your energy bill.

Without tank water heaters are equally priced along with certain models of traditional water heaters but the benefits and advantages that one gets from it is unquestionable. You can check and compare the different tankless water heater price across the market so that you get a fair estimate as to which of the model is best for your requirements.