How to Increase your Tankless Water Heater’s Performance

We all want to get that little bit of extra value out of our home appliances and this also extends to tankless water heaters. Anything that helps provide hotter water for longer is a welcome bonus, so if you can achieve this you’ll find that you appreciate your tankless water heater more than ever before. So here at https://www.tanklessgeek.com we have put together some tips for you to follow.

Many homeowners, however, are unaware of the improvements that can be made to their tankless water heater to boost performance. Sure, it’s likely that their water heater is already pretty amazing, but remember: there’s always room for improvement!

And that’s why it’s time for you to learn how you can improve your tankless water heater’s performance.

flow limiting valveInstall a Flow Limiter to Get Hot Water for Longer

Getting your best tankless water heater which are pretty fantastic for providing hot water on demand, but it’s impossible to provide hot water constantly. The water, you see, needs to be heated before being dished out and if you’re running your water supply at a high pressure then it’s going to be very difficult to heat all of this before it’s required; the result is that your supply of hot water may suddenly turn cold.

However, if you install a flow limiting valve, you’ll find that this puts a restriction on the speed at which water can flow through your tankless heater. And this ensures that the amount of time you can provide hot water will increase significantly. This is particularly useful if you’re a busy household and need to run several water supplies at once, so is well worth an investment.

insulate-your-heater-water-pipesInsulate Your Heater’s Water Pipes

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people fail to insulate the piping that makes up their best tankless water heater. And this lack of insulation means that the water being delivered into your heater will be noticeably cooler – particularly if the pipes pass through a cold area – than it could be.

To minimize this heat loss, it’s recommend that you insulate all visible pipework with foam insulation. Depending on the diameter of your pipework this will need to be either ½” or ¾” and can be picked up at any hardware store.

Understand How to Use Your Water Correctly

One of the biggest causes of a drop using the best tankless water heater performance is human error. Now, us humans are a busy lot, so we sometimes try and rush things, particularly our demand for hot water!

We’ve all jumped in the shower and immediately set the controls to the hottest setting and we’ve all then screamed in pain at the searing temperatures! And then we quickly flick the settings to a cooler setting to try and get more comfortable.

The problem with this, though, is that it wastes a lot of hot water which could be used for washing. Therefore, to preserve hot water for you and everyone else in your house, you need to take a few seconds to think about the temperature you’re setting your water for.

A lower temperature may not seem ideal, but it’s actually the best option for you in the long run.

tankless-plumber-installDon’t Go for a Cheap Installation

Tankless water heaters aren’t the most simple pieces of equipment to install, so sometimes the best option is to get a professional involved. And you’d be surprised by the impact a professional installation can have on your heater.

Even a slight misalignment of your pipework or the heater can cause a drop in performance, so if you want to ensure your heater is running to its maximum capacity, get a professional to install it. And don’t go for the cheapest option available as there’s a chance they won’t be as thorough with the install.

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