Navien NPE -240s Premium Condensing Gas 11.9GPM | Review

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Aside not having an internal buffer tank and re-circulation pump, Navien NPE -240s Premium Condensing Tankless Gas water Heater is identical to its NPE 240A tankless water heater.

With this model you save cost and weight. The NPE ‘S’ are light weight. You also enjoy the high performance, space saving and energy efficiency for which all Navien condensing gas heaters are known for.

The model has a maximum 199,990 BTU/per hour and a flow of 11.9 is suitable for people who want extra room for storage. It is meant for wall hanging, hence free floor space for the owner. With 15 years warranty on its dual stainless steel exchanger, the heater is quite durable.

Features and benefits

Improve energy efficiency: the 240s model comes with an improved energy efficiency rate of 0.98 ef.  A slight improvement over the NPE A 240 model. The 240A model has o.97ef energy factor.

Excellent for cascading ability: with this you can cascade various units together in both residential and commercial application, providing maximum efficiency input for home owners and business workers.

Faster installation: this unit has a faster installation process, thanks to non availability of an internal buffer tank and recirculation pump. The installation time is shorter than the time takes to install the NPE ‘A’ series.

Longer service life: manufactured by Navien, leader in condensing tankless water heater units, the unit is long lasting. The advanced technology inputted into it helps it to last long to the advantage of the buyer. It just requires minute maintenance now and then to keep running long, delivery an endless stream of hot water instantaneously.

Industry leading energy star rating: this makes the NPE240s the most energy efficient tankless water heaters in the sector.

Ability to use ½ inch gas pipe:  the ability to use ½ inch gas pipe and a 2 inch PVC venting up to 60 cuts installation time .it is calls for installation between existing infrastructure and conversion to propane easy, cheap and fast.

Two stainless steel exchanger: helps heater water faster and prolong service life via reduced corrosion of the heat exchanger.

Cons of Navien NPE -240s Premium Condensing Tankless Gas water Heater

It also takes like a few minutes for hot water to start flowing hence owner have to wait for some time before the water flows in.


Navien NPE -240s Premium Condensing Tankless Gas water Heater is purely design with the users comfort at heart. This product is infused with technological devices which make it easy for the user to operate and maintain without hassle.

Since it is ideal for people who love eco friendly product, infused with latest technological features and a low emission tankless heater ,Navien Npe-240 is highly recommended.

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