Noritz NR71-SV NG Indoor/Outdoor Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater Review

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Noritz is an established brand of water heater and it is known for its excellent line of tankless water heaters. Noritz is one amongst the reputed names that produces perfectly working tankless water heater. Noritz NR71-SV is a water heater that works on natural gas and is perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor usage.

Tankless water heater has become the new age water heaters that have effectively replaced the conventional tankless water heater.

Main features of Noritz NR71-SV NG

1. Thermal efficiency

Noritz NR71-SV NG works perfectly under all conditions. The tankless water heater that works on natural gas is a 6.3 GPM that comes with a .05 GPM activation flow rate. It comes with a cost effective water heating technology that makes sure to cut down costs of heating to a considerable extent. It is highly efficient in nature and ensures to bring down the energy costs to a great extent. The tankless water heater is engineered keeping in mind the current day energy efficiency requirements. It comes with 83% thermal efficiency.

2. Advanced functional system

Noritz NR71-SV NG comes with several advantageous features. It has the state of art gas combustion technology that has maximum output for a given period of time. The temperature remains stable and also maintains the less emission status all along. Apart from that, it also comes with high elevation adjustments, safety lock outs and freeze protection facilities. These features make it perfect to be used on all places and climatic conditions. It is one of the best working indoor as well as outdoor tankless water heater. It is a perfect water heater to be used for homes with 1 to 3 showers.

3. Compact and portable

The Noritz NR71-SV NG is a compact and portable tankless water heater and it offers a convenient usage all along. The water heater comes a perfect design and construction that makes sure to take less space away when compared to many water heaters with tanks. The water heater weighs 41 pounds and could be easily installed.

4. Warranty

Noritz NR71-SV NG comes with a series of warranty period. It comes with a 5 year heat exchanger warranty, 5 year parts and 1 year labor. It needs to be kept in mind that warranty is valid only with those units of water heaters that have been installed by a licensed technician.


Noritz NR71-SV natural gas tankless water heater turns out to be a perfect model with different facilities and features. There is no particular disadvantage about the product. It needs to be understood that PVC cannot be used for venting purpose.

Customer Review

Noritz NR71-SV natural gas tankless water enjoys an absolute positive review  and it turns out to be working in perfect condition at all seasons and climatic conditions. It needs to be kept in mind that warranty is offered only when it is installed professionally. Installation costs could be high but only when installed by licensed technician warranty is valid. It is apt to be used as both indoor as well as outdoor tankless water heater model.

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