The Perfect Outdoor Locations For Your Tankless Water Heater

Many of the items sought by preppers center on making their intended hide-out destination as full of the comforts of home as they possibly can. Just the same, weekend-campers love the idea of being able to say they roughed it without giving up a very important part of modern living – hot water on demand.

Versatility is essential for both groups when making a semi-major purchase such as hot water heaters, and portable tankless water heaters, are no exception to the unspoken rule. This is true for everyone in between who spends any significant amount of time in their special relaxation spot, away from home. There are several tankless heaters out there, but Eccotemp makes two of the finest.

Depending on your needs, and the location where you want to have hot water when you need it most will help you determine which size water heater you need. What locations are these heaters suitable for? Actually, any place that you might want to wash up after fishing or hunting while you relax in a cabin by the lake, or to provide warm water to wash your horses down, to help your children adjust to time spent in the great outdoors without the harsh reality of cold showers and baths in a borrowed RV, or to just be able to spend some romantic time with your partner as a fantastic surprise.

Really, tankless water heaters can be used practically anywhere you go that has a water source. There are very few disadvantages in having one, and many people who have had the luxury of one wonder how they managed to do what they love, being outdoors, without heated water.

The Eccotemp L10 High Capacity Outdoor Tankless Water Heater is small enough to be portable but big enough to give you adequate hot water for both a shower and dish-washing water simultaneously. Installation can also be permanent, instead of only seasonal, if desired.

The only requirement the Eccotemp has is that the water pressure involved is no less than 30 PSI and no greater than 80 PSI. This requirement is its only drawback among many pluses that having one provides.

Besides having the benefit of having hot water when you want it, the Eccotemp L10 has many other additional benefits to consider.

Automatic Ignition System

Igniting the Eccotemp is something you won’t have to do every time you want hot water. The system is designed to automatically shut off, as well, meaning you save money by using only the amount of gas absolutely required.

Using two “D” batteries (not included so make sure you buy several in sets of two), the Eccotemp will run for about 12 hours. While this isn’t something you would want to do continuously, it could definitely be adequate for a weekend’s worth of use. This also means that you can use the Eccotemp wherever you, even if your favorite spot has no electrical power. Your fireplace no longer needs to do double duty as a stove for food and bath water.

It’s Tankless

Because it’s a tankless water heater, the water is not pre-heated. Instead, a continuous supply of water is heated as it runs through the unit, heating exactly the amount of water that you need, and only when you need it.

Also, because there is no tank, the problem of rust deposits and other sediment build-up inside the traditional tank is eliminated.

Automatic Shut-Off

The Eccotemp will shut off when the water is turned off at the tap. This is a very efficient mechanism that is great at keeping the unit from overheating and eventually burning up.

Another problem that can happen at home or away-from-home is an overflowing tub or sink. Eccotemp’s tankless water heater is designed so that after 20 minutes of continuous use, it shuts off, keeping basins and bathtubs from overflowing.

Installation is Versatile, and Easy to Do

Capable of both temporary and permanent installations, the Eccotemp water heater can be used in more than one location. This ability might eventually convince you that two are needed, one for each location, which would save time uninstalling, transporting, and re-installing the heater.

All of the hardware needed to install the heater, either way you prefer, is included. The CSA-approved hose and regulator system is also included and is 9′ in length. The instructions are easy to understand, also. Installation should take less than half an hour. The drain valve is removable so you never have to worry about it icing over when temps outside dip below freezing.

The Eccotemp L10 has a smaller version, which is suitable for those situations where less water is needed than what the L10 set-up provides. The L5 has many of the same features and can be useful in many similar situations. You don’t have to be a prepper, avid camper, or regular hunter. Tankless water heaters can be useful in many more situations for a single person, couple, or even a family. It’s also a great way to ensure that hot water is guaranteed if the lights ever go out during a winter storm. Eccotemp’s products are highly rated by many owners of those products and several reviews exist online.

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