Tankless Water Heater Problems

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Tankless water heaters have taken over the conventional water heater types as they come with many advantageous features and options. Tankless types are energy efficient and use less power than tank types. Also, this new design does not take away more space as in the case of the old design. It is compact, efficient and attractive. You no longer have to worry about the aspects that you generally have towards water heaters such as space constraint, difficulty in usage, more power consumption and lot more. Just when you think that everything about tankless water heater is best and complete, you need to understand that these models do come with some shortcomings and issues as well.

Here, you will get to know about some of the tankless water heater problems so that you are well aware as to what you can expect before buying one. You will gain a true picture and realistic idea about their problems.

Tankless water heaters are of different types and you need to understand the models before you get into the problems area. The main types of water heaters with no tank include gas powered, electricity powered and battery powered. All these three types are popular and are widely used all over the world. Electric tankless water heaters are quite popular and are known to be compact whereas gas heaters are known to be more energy efficient. The most important thing, however, is the installation part. If the installation of the tankless water heater is not done properly then it leads to many tankless water heater problems. You should also be well aware about the rules of heater maintenance if you want it to be in the best working condition in the coming years.

Many models come with a specification that warranty is valid only those heaters that are installed by certified, trained professionals.

Below are some common issues, problems and repairs that may arise out of tankless water heaters,

Building up of scale

When the heater is constantly exposed to hard waters, it leads to building up of minerals inside the system. When too much of scale or mineral remains are found inside, it forms a layer over the internal system, thereby bringing down the efficiency of the water heater to a considerable extent. It is always important to be aware of the condition by having a scale filter fixed. It is also necessary to keep flushing and cleaning the water heater as instructed by the manufacturer.

Issues and problems regarding exhaust venting

One of the most important aspects to be taken care of when it comes to heaters with no tanks is to make use of best venting system that is able to let out excess, hot air as and when it is generated. If the system is not able to send out the high density heat produced over the process of heating the water then it could cause the heater to breakdown. Make sure that the exhaust pipes are set properly and there are no bends and cuts all through the pipe so that the ventilation system functions in a smooth manner.

Corrosion of the internal system

Protecting your no tank water heater from corrosion is a major task and you need to follow best, safe methods in order to provide necessary protection. It needs to be understood that tankless types are highly efficient that leads to water condensation. The condensed water is acidic in nature and settles along the vent pipes. The vent pipes won’t corrode as it is mostly made out of stainless steel material. However, the heater exchanger, which is an important and expensive part, may start corroding. In order to prevent the occurrence of such condition, it is necessary for tankless water heaters to come with proper vent pipes that are able to collect and redirect the unwanted condensation from the unit.

Corrosion of the burner

Gas water heater without tanks is susceptible to burner corrosion. In this case, the burner is found located below the heat exchanger and hence the chances for the occurrence of dripping over the burner is high. If there is no proper channel for venting out after condensation then it would drop and collected over the gas burner. When this happens, the burner holes are closed and gas supply will be restricted. The system will then shut down automatically.

Problems regarding gas supply

In order for the water to get heated in tankless types, a large quantity of gas supply is required. Gas should be supplied at the necessary pressure and volume for the water to get heated instantly as there is no storage tank available to this model. The heater adjusts the volume and pressure according to the set temperature. When there is low demand, then the system works perfectly fine but problem may arise when the demand becomes high. Even a slight change to the modulation can affect the hot water supply to a considerable extent.

Freezing of pipes

Outdoor models are quite popular as they are compact and can be easily fixed anywhere one wants. However, one major problem with the model is that it leads to freezing of pipes during the cold season. When the pipes or internal system freezes it leads to cracks and damages and hence it is necessary to follow proper precautions and safety measures to keep it working in the best condition possible. By keeping the length of the pipe short and covering it up with proper material, it is possible to prevent from freezing.

High water pressure

When the water pressure becomes high enough for the heater to manage then the tankless water heater repair situation arises. It is to be noted that too much of water pressure is not good as it puts unwanted strain on the heating system and the entire plumbing material. This would eventually lead to the breakdown of the heater. The normal water heater pressure expected is 70 psi and when it gets beyond 100 psi, problem arises.

Location issues

Tankless water heater problems also arise if there it is located on the wrong area.  You need to find the best place for setting up the heater and you need to make sure that all the necessary features of the tankless water heater are fixed appropriately. You should also be well aware about the hot water needs of your family so that you will be able to get a fitting model. Otherwise, you will be putting in too much of unnecessary pressure on the heating system causing it to fail.