Rain Man L6 RV Camping Hunting Portable Tankless Water Heater LPG 2.0 GPM | Review

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Rain Man L6 RV is one of the topnotch tankless water heater models that are available on market now. The water heater was released recently on May 14, 2014 and has been one of the sought after models in the tankless water heater space now.

It is a well known fact that tankless water heaters have become the new age water heaters that have overthrown the traditional water heaters that comes with tanks. This particular model introduces many advanced features and facilities that provides for excellent user experience.

  1. Higher capacity and efficient

Rain Man L6 RV comes with a higher hot water capacity of 10 liters. It can provide continuous supply of hot water for various purposes. It is an ideal water heater that ensures to supply hot water to meet up with all the needs of the household. The heavy duty tankless water heater model is perfect for houses that requires good amount of hot water needs.

It works on LPG propane gas and is able to provide very hot water at regular temperature. The hot water flow rate is 2.0 GPM and it works perfectly well on modified hot water system which includes 12 volt pump.

  1. User-friendly features

The tankless water heater model is portable and is ideal to be used on camper, cabins, yachts, trailers and campsites. It is designed in such a way that it could be used for multiple uses which includes washing your cars, washing dogs and horses and to take a shower. The product comes with shower head and hose adapter that comes for free. Its automatic electrical pulse ignition comes without standing pilot and electrical hookup. It comes with manual adjustment facilities and as water pressure adjustment facility.

  1. Safe to use

Rain Man L6 RV is designed keeping in the mind the safety of the users. It has safety controls against gas leaks and overheating. It also has flame failure safety, incomplete combustion safety and anti-dry combustion safety features. There are also mechanisms to protect excessive water pressure along with auto cutoff protection.


The Rain Man L6 RV Camping Hunting Portable Tankless Water Heater does not focus on the energy efficiency aspect and it is known to consume good amount of energy in order to supply hot water on a continuous basis.

Customer Reviews

Rain Man L6 RV Camping Hunting Portable Tankless Water has positive reviews online and is known to work perfectly under different conditions. The most important aspect about this tankless water heater is that it comes with a whole range of safety and protection features. It is also known to supply hot water on a regular basis without any interruptions. On the downside, the Rain Man L6 RV Camping Hunting Portable Tankless Water does not include many accessories that are essential for the smooth functioning of the water heater and these needs to be brought separately.

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