Rheem RTG-64 DVLN Prestige Nox Indoor Direct Vent Condensing Natural Gas | Review

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This 54 pound tankless water heater from the stable of Rheem is capable of producing 6.4 gallons /per minutes at 35 Degree Rise. A UMC-117 remote control and 10 feet of thermostat wire are included for remote usage with the aim of ensuring that there is an endless stream of hot water at your beck and call.

Rheem RTG- 64 is ideal for 1600-4000ft town house with two full bathrooms. The low Nox capacity is a huge plus for the model and good for customers who are on lookout for an environmental friendly tankless water heater.

Features and Benefits

Extremely energy saving

The Rheem RTG 64-DVLN operates with natural gas and has a low consumption rate compared to a tank water heater. This ability in conserving energy reduces the cost of running into half resulting savings for the user. This system is a high performance tankless heater and is energy star rated.

Very Affordable

RTG -64 comes with a low price tag and hence pocket friendly. Its affordability does not in any way portend low performance. The high technological innovation built into the model makes it very efficient and effective in the supply of hot water to more than two faucets without fluctuation.

Low Nitrogen oxide emission

This makes it environmental friendly and an attractive option to customers who are environmental conscious. It also provides peace of mind and allays the fear emitting toxin into the home.

Readable water temperature meter

It has an easy to read water temperature meter display. This helps one to adjust the water temperature to desired preference.

Easy installation process

Installation is quite easy with the use of the Rheem service kit which has a port for the pressure valve. The good thing is that a beginner can easily get the heater mounted via studying the simplified manufacture’s manual and a service kit.

The cons

One major flaw that Rheem RTG 64 has is that it does not come with the necessary appliances that are needed for installation. In order to get your Rheem running and supplying hot water you need to get certain appliances such as: a service kit, 3/5 inches horizontal termination (vent) kit, 3’’by 5’’ concentric b- vents and vent cap, water valves, etc. Although Rheem indicates that these are included with the model, the reality is that this has been a long drawn battle with rheem as these tools are not included in the package, thereby resulting in additional expense.

Furthermore, there is the issue of cold water surprise which is the case with all tankless water heaters. It can be an irritant, especially in winter times when you need hot water for a quick hand wash at the sink.


Going by the comment from users of the model and the over 90% five star rating it has receive so far, one can safely conclude that Rheem RTG -64 is indeed a high performance system, despite its shortfalls. What is in its favour is: affordability, low Nox emission and ability to supply water to large-mid household with fluctuation.Therefore it is highly recommended to large sized family with two full bathrooms looking for a tankless water heater that is pro-environment.

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