Rheem RTG-95 XLN 9.5GPM Low Nox Outdoor Natural Gas

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Rheem RTG-95 XLN is a natural gas powered outdoor tankless water heater with low nox emission.It is capable of producing 9.5 gallons per minute at 35 degree rise. At 45 degree rise it produces 7.4 gallons per minute. This 54 pound tankless water heater model has a dimension of 14 x10x26 inches and is quite durable.

The model is suited for outdoor installation and has a .26 GMP minimum flow rate. It has a free protection up to 30 degrees and good for large homes with three bathrooms.

Distinctive features and benefits

Rheem RTG -95XLN is designed with features that helps make your unit user friendly, providing hot water whenever you need it. It has the features which all Rheem tankless heaters are known for. The new innovation incorporated in it gives you value for your money.

Next generation burner technology

This feature ensures that your heater lasts longer. It helps reduce cost of maintenance and replacement fees. This is a huge plus if you plan on staying in your home for many years . This feature ensures that the units last up to 20 years functioning at its optimal best.

High intelligent electronic controls       

The high intelligent electronic controls that it is built on, makes using the heater less stressful and easy to service and maintain. At the click /push of buttons you can efficiently install the unit and adjust the device to your desired temperature. This device is designed for increase energy efficiency hence very cost effective.

Hot start programming technology

Hot start programming technology helps minimize fluctuation in water temperature during periods of frequent on /off operation.

High altitude compliant

It is high altitude compliant up to 9,840 ft. elevation above sea level.

Other features that aids its high efficiency

A Built –in- electronic blower supplied using a 120 volt power cord.

Environmentally friendly low emission fits SCAQMD rule 1146 requirement.



Despite the high technological innovation of this model it still falls short on certain areas

Limited output

Due to the fact that it can supply hot water to three bathrooms at the same time, there is a tendency that the hot water outputs will be limited. A tankless water heater has a throughput limit, able to supply a few gallons of hot water at all times but also at a time. So if you have a large family and everyone’s taking a shower, doing the laundry and dishes at the same time, the unit might not be up to the task or suitable for your family’s particular needs.

Additional expense       

There is additional expense you will incur with this unit. You need a pressure valve as the model requires a back wash annually. Unfortunately, the pressure valve does not come with the system, hence the need to buy one.


Rheem RTG -95 XLN 95 GPM low Nox outdoor natural gas tankless water heaters has received 5 star rating from users. Despite the short comings associated with a tankless water heater, users rave about its high efficiency .It has all the trappings of Rheem tankless heaters and is quite a master piece therefore it comes recommended to lovers of technology.

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