Rheem RTGH-84DVLN 8.4 GPM Low Nox Indoor Direct Vent Condensing Natural Gas|Review

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Rheem RTGH-8 DVLN is a 77.9 pounds Next Generation Burner Technology Industry Best! A sophisticated tankless water heater designed for high functionality and efficiency. It is best suited for large sized family with multiple bathrooms.

Rheem RTGH-8DVLN is a heavy duty machine with the capacity to produce 8.4 Gallons per minute and a product dimension of 9.8 x18. X27.5 inches. With its .26 GPM minimum flow rate and .40 minimum activation flow rate, the unit can supply hot water to different outlets at the same time. It became available in the market on January 3, 2012 and is currently shipped to the US.

Features and Benefits

Energy saving and compact

Rheem RTGH-84DVLN is energy efficient, saves a lot on bills and frees up precious space in your home unlike the traditional tankless water heaters that takes up a whole lot of space.

Detailed instructional manual

The instructional manual is quite detailed and easy to follow for those who might want to install the unit all alone. The manual is explanatory but it is advisable to use a professional plumber.

Intelligent electronic controls

This does not only de-clutter your home, the electronic controls ensure that the unit is very effective in the conservation of energy.

Self-Diagnostic System Digital display

This displays areas to check whenever the system develops a fault. It also displays the maintenance codes you can punch in to keep your heater on top condition.

There are few shortfalls you are going to witness while using Rheem RTGH- 84DVLN but in no way does this diminish the high efficiency of the unit.

A bit expensive

When you add up the cost of purchasing the heater and the cost of hiring a professional operator, buying a brass valve kit for future flushing of the heater and that of a concentric vent the total cost tends to be a bit high.

Drone sound

The unit emits a drone sound as the fan within the unit. This sound could be irritating and annoying if you have a sensitive ear.

Also it takes time for heated water to reach the outlet faucet. Most of the time you are through with chores such as washing of hands before the water comes in.

Time consuming installation process

Equally important is the fact that installing the unit is time consuming. It takes a professional plumber 8 solid hours and a full whole day for the DIY man.

Another contributing factor to this is the fact that you need a ¾ gas lines against the ½ gas line which is use in most homes. In order to get the best from your heater you need to re wire the gas lines with the ¾.

Summary Review

Going by the high innovative features built into Rheem RTGH-84DVLN tankless water, the overwhelming five stars rating from satisfied users, its efficiency in supplying endless streams of hot water to multiple outlets, it is recommended to large sized family with high demand for water.

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