Rheem RTGH-95DVLP 9.5GPM Indoor Direct Vent Tankless Propane Water Heater

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Rheem RTGH -95 DVLP 9.5 GPM is an indoor direct vent tankless water heater powered by propane. The 79.8 pound water heater has a dimension of 18.5 x 9.8 x27.5 and ideal for three bathroom homes. This model has a start flow rate range of 0.26 Gpm to 0.40 Gpm. At 35 degree it has the capacity to produce 9.5 gal/min and at 45 degree it produces 8.4 gal/min. It is also self-diagnostic, making installation and maintenance quite easy and fast.

Special features and benefits

Just like all other Rheem tankless water heaters RTGH-95 DVLP is packed with special features geared towards ensuring endless supply of hot water for users at an incredible speed and efficiency.

Digital display                    

RTGH-95 DVLP comes with a digital display screen that shows temperature setting and maintenance codes. This feature makes maintenance of the unit quite easy and efficient .The screen readily shows up the right maintenance code for a particular problem. Even if you are short on technical ability, the instructions are quite easy to follow, making the whole procedure fast.

Two pipe direct vent system

Its two pipe direct vent makes the system good for indoor use. With the vent system fear of carbon monoxide poison is non-existence .The two PVC pipes ensure that clean air is let in while smoke, gas and smell go out. The PVC makes ducting quite easy and quick.

An EZ- link cable          

This feature makes it possible to link /connect two tankless units to operate as one especially in homes or premises where there is a high demand for hot water. This makes it possible for you to adjust your heater as your need for hot water grows without incurring much expense.

Space saving          

The unit is space saving designed. The overall size is about the size of a medicine chest. Nevertheless, this does not limit its efficiency in giving endless hot water to three bathroom homes. Despite its size it adequately handles the demand of running three bathrooms at the same time.

Neat and clean installation       

With the use of valve kit that contains service valves, access ports and pressure valve, the installation process is neat and clean. You need not have a messy home just because you are putting up a tankless water heater.


Short falls of Rheem RTGH 95DVLP

Despite the above features which set the model apart. It has one or two short falls.

It does not come with two service valves. This means you need to purchase a valve kit for the system. This in turn means additional expenses. Furthermore, for this type of model you need ¾’’gas line for it. Anything short of this cannot work.


Going by users’ comments Rheem RTGH- 95DVLP tankless water heater is highly recommended. Despite its shortfalls, the overall rating is 5 stars from satisfied users. It scores high on efficiency, availability of components, easy installation, low Nox emission and its two pipe direct vent system. It is highly recommended for users with three bathroom homes and high demand for hot water.

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