Rinnai R98LSE Natural Gas Outdoor 9.8 GPM | Review

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Rinnai R98LSE is a 55 pounds natural gas powered tankless water heater designed for outdoor installation. With the capacity to produce 9.8 gallons per minute and a dimension of 30.Ix 22.2×14.4, this unit is ideally suited for large sized family with heavy demand for hot water.

Rinnai R98LSE became available in the market on 7 September, 2010 and currently shipped within the US. It has a Max 237,000 BTU and able to supply water to multiple plumbing and appliances outlets simultaneouly, thus effectively checking the possibility of ever running out of hot water.

Features and Benefits

Easy installation

Rinnai R98LSe is an exterior mounted unit. This makes installation easy and it does not require venting. It takes just about 45 minutes to get the unit up and running. Since it is built for outdoor installation, you end up de-cluttering your walls.

High volume Output

With its capacity to produce 9.8 gallons per minutes, the device offers a high volume output which makes it a perfect fit for residential and commercial applications. It can comfortably meet such heavy demand at a steady temperature, hence a solid heavy duty appliance.

A commercial grade heat exchanger

This feature makes it perfect for commercial application. The heat exchanger withstands the wears and tears of constantly supplying endless stream of hot water over a long period of time with out breaking down. Also the solid nature of the heat exchangers ensures that the heater last for a very long time.

Easy detection of error /fault

In traditional tank water heaters, detection of error/fault takes time, frequently resulting in complete breakdown of unit before one’s attention is drawn to it.

The Mc-91-US digital controller with error code indicator helps you detect on time that something is not quite right. With the red indicator light flashing you are put on alert before complete break down could occur.

EZ- connect

This feature allows you to connect and use two heaters at the same time especially in situation where there is heavy demand for constant hot water and one unit can not meet the demand. With the EZ- connect you are able to switch to two heaters without stress and in no time.

Low Nox Emission

A Rinnai R98LSE natural gas tankless water heater meets Californian and Texas low Nox emission standard. This means that you hardly notice that the unit is functioning as it emits little or no noise. It is almost soundless and environmental friendly.

An anti freeze device

Rinnai R98LSE has an anti freezing device which insulates it against climatic changes. The unit is able to monitor itself to keep from freezing.


Installation is carried out by a certified Rinnai technician; failure to comply with this might lead to cancellation of the warranty.

Although Rinnai R98LSE comes with an anti freezing device and able to function during cold weather, you still need to insulate the inlet and outlet pipes with pipes insulation.


From customers’ review of the product, Rinnai R98LSE comes highly recommended, hence good for people on the look out for a tankless water heater with high volume output.

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