Rinnai RU98IP 9.8 GPM Propane Indoor Ultra-NOx Condensing | Review

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Rinnai is a well known and renowned brand that has created a huge impact in the tankless water heater space with its exceptional range of models. It keeps coming up with new and advanced models of tankless water heaters from time to time which makes it one of the most sought after brand on a global level.

Rinnai RU98IP 9.8 GPM Indoor Ultra-NOx Condensing Tankless Propane Water Heater from the brand is one of the most popular models that are known to score over other tankless water heaters in similar range with its exceptional features and facilities.

What can you expect from Rinnai RU98IP indoor tankless water heater?

Rinnai RU98IP is a fast moving model from Rinnai that comes with some interesting specifications and functionalities. Here, let us take a detailed look at the features of the product,

Energy efficiency

One of the main problems associated with water heaters is the amount of energy consumption that they are known for. The best thing about this particular propane water heater is the fact they are energy efficient and does not consume much energy as in the case of many other tankless water heater models. The maximum energy factor of the water heater is 0.94 which is one of the best in this range. It has got a Max BTU of 199,000. It is able to produce hot water almost instantly so no wastage of energy. The water heater is able to produce 9.8 Gallons per minute.

Compact and convenient

The tankless water heater is absolutely convenient to use and does not come with any sort of complicated procedures. It is compact in nature and weighs just 80 pounds with a product dimension of 18.5 x 10.1 x 26.4 inches. The model looks sleek and attractive and would fit into any space easily without hassles. It is definitely one of the best indoor models you can find that turns out to be easy to install as well.

High tech features

The tankless water heater model comes with a Condensing Technology that increases the efficiency aspect to a great extent. It is about 96% thermal efficient and provides for significant energy saving on the whole. The model meets up with California and Texas NOx Emissions Standards.

What consumers got to say about Rinnai RU98IP 9.8 GPM Indoor Ultra-NOx Condensing Tankless Propane Water Heater?

The Rinnai RU98IP tankless water heater enjoys good reviews for its functionalities and features. The tankless water heater scores in the performance and efficiency fronts. It is able to perform really well for a longer period of time. Also, the units are easy to install and comes with 12 year warranty on heat exchanger, 5 year warranty on parts and 1 year warranty on labor for residential kind of installations. It is known to save energy to a great extent contributing towards bringing down the energy bills. It is the best kind of propane based tankless water heater you can find in the market.

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