Rinnai V65IN 6.6 GPM Indoor Low NOx Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater

410 Gone

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The Rinnai V65IN is an Indoor Natural Gas tankless water heater with the capacity of producing up to 6.6 Gallons per Minute.V65IN is ultra compact, lightweight with low Nox emission. It is also easy to install and best suited for homeowner with about one to two and half bathrooms. The Rinnai V65IN is also a perfect fit for users who want to recover space in their homes. It has a max BTU of 150,000, a max energy factor of .85 and an integrated error code indicator.

Unique features and benefits

Ultra compact design

This allows you to have all the benefits of enjoying precious space in your home. RINNAI v65IN fits in snugly in any part of your home. It does not struggle for space with other home fittings rather it helps you recover lost space while also meeting your need for reliable flow of hot water.

Availability of parts                  

Just like all Rinnai tankless water heater, the parts of this model is readily available. This ensures that you only change the parts and not the entire unit. What more, It is compatible with tons of Rinnai’s full line of digital controllers.

Fast delivery

Rinnai V65IN is very fast on hot water delivery. Unlike the old water heaters that might take up to 30 minutes or one hour to supply hot water if it has been use for along time, this model delivers steamy hot water instantly.

Environmental friendly

Like every other Rinnai tankless water products, this model is designed to contribute to cleaner and healthier environment. Its advanced vent system ensures cleaner air inside the house hence reducing the risk of constituting a health hazard to users.

Saves you time and provide endless supply of water

It provides you with endless supply of hot water. Gives you clear and steady water supply at a consistent pre-set temperature, while saving energy, money and precious time .This is because with Rinnai V65IN the need to prioritize activities and schedule hot water use is non-existent. It is capable of providing hot water flow in two bathrooms simultaneously with out fluctuations. For those who are seeking a tankless water heater that is environmental friendly, this particular model more than meets the need.

Easy installation process

Another huge plus for V65IN is its simple and easy installation. Using the recommended vent kits, which comes with the model, one who is very handy with his hands can quickly mount the model on the designated area.

The Negative Side of Rinnai V65IN Natural Gas

Despite its efficiency and unique features, Rinnai V65IN still, needs an addon to get the level of hotness to 140 degrees for those who are not comfortable with the pre- set 120-degree temperature. This addon does not come with the unit. You have to pay additional money for this.


Going by customers ‘ rating this particular model is rated for its efficiency in delivery of endless hot water supply at a consistent level to small sized family with one to two and half bathrooms .It is also perfectly suited for 1100 sqft, single bath /single story home. Therefore, recommended if your demand for hot water is mostly for washing few load of clothes, operate a dishwasher and run a couple of showers.

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