Rinnai V75LP 7.5 GPM Indoor Low Nox Tankless Propane | Review

Rinnai V75LP is a 70 pound low nox tankless water heater powered by propane. With a capacity up to 7.5 GPM, a Max BTU of180, 000, and Max Energy factor of O.82, Rinnai is designed to endlessly supply hot water at steady temperature.

Rinnai V75LP became available in the market June 1, 2012 and currently available for shipping to selected countries outside the US but including the US. It meets SCAQMP standard requirement for ultra low nox emission and is designed for outside installation.

Rinnai V75LP comes in white colour and with a 14x9x23 inches dimension. It is ideal for medium to small size mobile homes with low demand for hot water.


Features and Benefits of Rinnai V75LP

There are distinctive features built into Rinnai V75LP which not only set it apart but makes it to perform at its optimally best to the delight of users.

Low priced

The cost of purchasing Rinnai V75LP is low, thus making pocket friendly, which is huge advantage. You need not break a bank to buy Rinnai V75LP tankless water heater.

Leak detection device

This feature shuts off water to unit and limits property damage whenever there is a leak in the unit. This prevent further damaged to the unit.

Enhanced scale detection

This lessens the possibility of serious long term damage to the units. With proper maintenance which incorporates yearly descaling of the unit, chances of undetected build up of scale causing colossal damaged is effectively checked.


Temperature lock                      

This prevents accidental or unauthorized changes to water temperature and a huge plus for Rinnai V75LP.Once you have pre-set the unit to your preferred temperature, the unit automatically locks on the temperature; hence you do not get shocking surprises or fluctuation. The set temperature remains steady through out the duration you are using the hot water. That’s why the unit is great for homes with little kids or short on space.

Temperature range controllers

This feature makes it easy and handy for you to adjust the water temperature to your preferred choice. This unit has a temperature range of 98 -140 which allows you to either increase or reduce hot water temperature; depending on our preference or climatic dictates.


Highly reliable and durable

Just like all Rinnai tankless water heater with Rinnai trademark for reliability and durability, this model is no exception. It is equipped to supply endless hot water for your daily needs whenever you turn on the hot water faucet. Its use of propane ensures you have hot water at your beck and call. No need to worry over power out stage while in the middle of shower.

Great energy / floor saving device

Since it is ideally suited for medium and small sized family, this sleek and modern design water heater is built with the sole objective of saving as much precious space as possible for you. And not only that, it helps you save extra cash because of its low propane consumption.


Short falls

The only noticeable short fall with this unit is Rinnai’s standard requirement of using professional technicians in installing its tankless water heaters.


Rinnai V75LP7.5 GPM indoor low Nox tankless water heater striking features such as its low price, high efficiency in hot water supply, space saving and low nox emission, makes it highly recommendable to small sized family, short on space and looking for a low price / low nox emission tankless water heater.

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