Takagi T-H3-DV-N Condensing High Efficiency Natural Gas Indoor 10GPM | Review

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Takagi T-H3-DV-N is a 59 pound high efficient Natural Gas tankless water heater with the capability to produce 10 gallons per minute. This product is manufactured by Takagi IMHO, a popular manufacturer of tankless water heaters in Japan though presently the company is owned by AO Smith.

Takagi T-H3 has a dimension of 11.2×17.8×24.9 inches and occupies little or no space in your home. It is designed for indoor installation, energy star certified with gas inputs of 199,000 BTU. This makes it highly efficient in supplying endless hot water to four bathrooms in warmer climates or three in colder climates.

Features and Benefits  

Low nox emission

The condensing ability of Takagi T-H3 water heater makes ideal for people who are sensitive about noise. Being an indoor installation unit its low nox emission is a huge plus for lovers of this brand of tankless heater. This unit is an improved version of the old Takagi tankless water heaters which were quiet noisy.

Space saving

The Takagi T-H3 is a great space saving device just like all other tankless heaters. It is so compact that it takes only about a foot print of space.

PVC venting System

The PVC venting makes it people/ environmental friendly. Despite being powered by natural gas, no heated air comes out of the exhaust. The exhaust of this model is quite cold even as unit heats up water.


Solid and durable parts

This unit seldom needs repair. It can last a long time if duly maintained. Given its Japanese background this is not surprising.

Good energy saving device

With the device you can save up to 40 -50 % on energy consumption and bills.


The down sides of Takagi T-H3-DV-N tankless water heater

Despite its high efficiency in serving endless hot water to a large family, Takagi T-H3 DV-N has some minor shortcomings.

High cost of installation

The unit comes with high installation expenses. Takagi T-H3 DV-N is installed by professional plumbers. The installation process is tedious and needs professional handling, this means extra expenses. Furthermore, the cost of getting important items such as isolation valve kit, valve kit and in some cases an acidic neutralizer kit, which does not come with the unit, makes installation of the unit very costly.

Temperature fluctuation

With Takagi T-H3 DV-N brand of tankless heaters it takes a little while for water to come up to the faucet and sometime after the initial run of hot water, you will notice a brief run of cold water. Also, there is the tendency for the water temperature to drop 1 or 2 degrees when there is high demand for hot water in a row.


Review Summary

Base on customers reviews Takagi T-H3-DV-N Condensing High Efficiency Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater is quite good in supplying steady stream of hot water to users irrespective of the flaws. These flaws are minor and over looked because of the efficiency and durability of the water heater. It is highly suitable for large sized families with high demand for hot water and a noiseless indoor tankless water heater.

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