Takagi T-M32 LP Commercial Tankless Water Heater, Propane 9GPM

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Takagi is one of the well known brands on a global level that is known to come up with some of the best and most interesting range of products under various categories. The brand is known for its excellent range of tankless water heaters, both under commercial as well as residential use.

The Takagi T-M32 LP Commercial Tankless Water Heater powered by propane is yet another splendid water heater model from the brand that has managed to capture a great deal of attention in the market over the years. The model was first launched by Takagi in the year 2009 and it has been doing quite well in the water heater space for several years now.

Why Takagi T-M32 LP Commercial Tankless Water Heater?

Takagi T-M32 LP Commercial Tankless is one of the best ranges of tankless water heaters and here are the reasons.

Best for commercial set up

The Takagi T-M32 LP was specifically designed for commercial use. The model comes with interesting ergonomics that is designed keeping in mind commercial usage. The product is able to deliver 240,000 BTU/U capacities which is one of the best in this range. Each and everything with regard to this heater is quite attractive. The dimension of the product is 36 x 29 x 19 inches and the unit weighs about 70 pounds.


The unit turns out to be quite efficient in every way. It is able to produce 9 GPM of hot water on a maximum level. It also turns out to be an energy efficient unit and does not consume much of the energy as in the case of many other commercial tankless water heaters that you get to see. It comes with Energy Star certification.

Highly capable

One of the most interesting features of this commercial type tankless model is that it can support 4 units that are installed both outdoors and indoors. It also supports direct vent which makes things quite easy and convenient. By Multi-Controller Unit Uses HRS Copper, it is possible to connect the water heater to 20 units at a time and also produce 180 GPM of water.


The product is known to be durable and stays in best working condition even after several years of usage. It comes with HRS Copper which is much stronger than the ordinary copper that is being used in other water heaters. The unit is protected from erosion, comes with great temperature control setting and offers great deal of support at every level. The commercial grade tankless water heater was designed to meet up with the high demand of hot water that are required for industrial set up.

What customers have to say about Takagi T-M32 LP?

Takagi T-M32 LP Propane Commercial enjoys a positive review overall. The tankless water heater turns out to be one of the best ones in the market with a wide range of features which includes proper venting system, good GPM, facility for temperature monitoring and other such things. It also comes with 10 years heat exchange warranty.

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