Takagi T-M50 ASMENG Heavy-Duty ASME Certified Commercial Natural Gas 14.5 GPM

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Everybody knows that Takagi is one of the best brands when it comes to water heaters. It is known to manufacture some of the best and high quality products at various levels. It keeps coming up with some stunning products from time to time.

It is also known to update its current products to meet up with the current day requirements. The Takagi T-M50 ASMENG Heavy-Duty ASME Certified Commercial Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater is yet another great model from the brand and it is known to provide for exceptional utility for commercial needs. The model was released in the year 2012 and has been doing really well in the market.

Why Takagi T-M50 ASMENG?

Highly efficient

The Takagi T-M50 ASMENG is one of the highly capable tankless water heater models that you get to find in the market. It is packed with a lot of interesting features and facilities which makes it all the more attractive. It works best and efficiently for large use applications including hotels, restaurants, apartments and other such areas. The unit is powered by natural gas and consumes only less energy as compared to others. It is able to meet up with hot water requirements on a consistent basis without faltering at any point of time. The unit is Energy Star certified and comes with a product dimension of 25 x 12.2 x 29 inches. It weighs about 113 pounds.

Highly capable

By making use of a single main control system, up to 20 units can be connected to it. It needs to be understood that by making use of this, it is possible to replace the large inefficient boilers. It also takes less space replacing space consuming ones. It is able to give 14.5 Gallons Per Minute which is one of the best. Based on the requirements of the hot water needs of a particular space, it is possible to make necessary adjustments to the unit. It is known to provide between 15,000 0 380,000 BTU. It provides for 9.0 GPM at 40 degree and 7.5 GPM at 50 degree rise.

Excellent features

The model is known to supply endless amount of hot water for commercial usage. It is an on demand water heater that comes with computerized safety features. There is no pilot light for you to think about. The model is packed with all safety and security features making it one of the reliable and durable one. It is also known to be approved by ASME. It is fully modulating and comes with excellent heating system to support the process from the start to the end.

What customers have to say about Takagi T-M50 ASMENG?

The Takagi T-M50 ASMENG enjoys good reviews overall. It is known to come with some excellent and helpful features that supports commercial usage. Up to 20 units could be connected to the main one. It is able to provide hot water on a continuous basis and comes with safety and security features. It is also approved by ASME which stands as an evidence to its reliability.

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