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Tankless Water Heater? Tank Water Heater? What is best for you!

tankless and tank water heaterHot water is something that is indispensable for your day to day life. From washing dishes, clothes to taking a shower, you need hot water for multiple purposes. While hot water is so much essential, heating water also marks significant electricity consumption.

This is why you need to make use of the best kind of water heater that is able to provide you hot water on a regular basis without any hindrance and also turns out to be energy efficient so that you do not get a shock seeing your energy bills. There are two types of water heaters available in the market now. One is the traditional water heater that comes with a tank and the other one is the new, contemporary tankless water heaters.

There are several debates going on online whether to use conventional water heater or tankless water heaters. This topic has garnered much attention from all corners as it is quite an important area of discussion. After much research and understanding about both the types of water heaters and considering various parameters including efficiency, reliability, safety and energy consumption, it can be said that tankless water heaters have a winning edge over the traditional tank water heaters. Let us make the differentiation in detail,

Quick and Efficient

Tank water heaters are able to produce hot water only up to a certain extent. Once the hot water in the tank is exhausted, you need to wait for hours together to get the next supply of hot water. This is not the case with tankless water heaters as it facilitates heating of water almost instantly. The water gets hot as soon as it gets into the system. As per the system, the water that gets inside would go through the hot burner making it really hot in an instant. No waiting, no hassles. It all happens quickly. The best part is that it works in a perfect and efficient manner. The water is really hot and could be used for all of your domestic needs. However, you need to go for the right capacity of tankless water as per your day to day requirements for the entire household needs.

Reliable and safe

The most attractive aspect about tankless water heater is that it is absolutely safe and reliable. You can totally rely upon tankless water heater as it is known to provide regular supply of hot water in a safe manner. Unlike tank water heaters, it comes with auto temperature adjustment facilities that would adjust the hot water temperature to suit your requirements. In case of tank water heaters, the water stays inside the tank getting heated again and again, if not switched off. This would cause the inner parts to rust quickly leading to damage. Tank water heaters are not durable in nature and has got high repair ratio. Repairing tank water heater can not only turn out to be quite daunting but also would cost a great deal of money. Tankless water heaters are reliable, durable and stay in best working condition for years together. Once you invest on a tankless water heater you can be sure about is reliability and durability factors.

Cost efficient

Tank water heaters would make for significant energy consumption as it is a tank based heating process. It takes lot of energy to heat the water inside the tank and bring to the required hot water level, hiking your energy bills. On the other hand, tankless water heating process is simple, efficient as well as quick in nature. It provides for the required hot water on an instant basis taking only less energy usage during the course of operation. Tankless water heaters would significantly save money that would otherwise be spent over energy bills. Make sure that you go for Energy Star certified model. This should not be an issue as almost all the tankless water heater models come with Energy Star rated units only.

Compact and portable

Tankless water heaters are definitely better than tank water heaters when it comes to overall outlook and portability. Tank water heaters would take significant portion of your area when installed. Tankless water heaters are sleek, attractive and slim in nature as it does not have a tank attachment. It would easily fit into any area in your house. They also turn out to be portable and convenient making it easy for you to carry it from one place to another with ease. Known to add a great deal of sophistication, tankless models are definitely the best if you do not have much space to spare.

Above, we have compared different and crucial aspects related to water heaters and we can very well conclude that tankless water heaters wins over tank water heaters in all aspects including convenience, safety, durability, cost effectiveness and much more. Make a wise investment by buying the best, suitable tankless water heater model.