lawn care tips

5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Lawn in Perfect Condition

The foundations of a beautiful garden start with that humble patch of grass known as the lawn. Lush, vibrant blades of glass make for a fantastic centerpiece in any garden, but many gardeners overlook it in favor of more fancy and elaborate features. And this is a huge mistake as an amazing lawn can really help lift your entire garden.

It’s essential that you learn how to transform your lawn into a thing of beauty, but how exactly do you do this? Well, luckily for you, we’re on hand to share 5 simple tips to keep your lawn in perfect condition!

  1. Mow at the Right Length

It’s common practice for gardeners to cut the grass as short as possible to keep things neat, but this actually limits the impact of the grass. You see, the grass needs a certain amount of length to convey the lush majesty that only grass can deliver.  And it’s not just in the aesthetics stakes that the grass loses out when cut too short, it also reduces the amount of chlorophyll available for the grass’ energy needs. The result is all too obvious: tired, lifeless grass.

The solution we would recommend is to ensure that you don’t let the height of your grass drop below two to three inches. It may mean that you have to mow your lawn more frequently, but it will also provide a consistency to its healthy appearance.

  1. Water Your Lawn Correctly

There are many factors which help influence the water requirements of your lawn, so it’s essential you get to grips with these.

The type of soil can make a significant difference in the time taken for water to be absorbed into the root system, so you need to bear this in mind to avoid either over or under watering your lawn. The more dense your soil, then the longer it will take to fully absorb.

And it may seem obvious, but during the summer months, you’re going to have to water it more often. However, if you experience a torrential downpour in the middle of summer, be aware that this should provide at least a fortnight’s water supply.

  1. Keep That Lawn Aerated

Lawns can experience a lot of human activity – particularly in the summer – and one of the major side effects of this is soil compaction. This prevents your lawn from breathing effectively and provides a negative environment for growth. It’s vital, therefore, that you regularly aerate your lawn to promote root growth and produce vibrant grass.

  1. Don’t Mow with a Damaged Blade

Mowing the lawn can be a strenuous task, so it’s not a surprise that gardeners are glad to get it over and done with. However, you need to find the time to make sure that your lawnmower’s blade is in excellent condition. If you’re using a blade which shows signs of shredding then it’s going to cut your grass with an uneven edge. Your lawn is then left looking below standard and that’s the last thing a proud gardener wants. That’s why you need to check the blade after every other mow to evaluate whether it needs sharpening or replacing.

  1. Declare War on Weeds

Nothing can undo all your hard work on your lawn like an ugly set of weeds. They’re the scourge of every gardener, so it’s crucial that you don’t let them take hold.

Not only are weeds ugly, but they also have frustratingly deep roots and this makes them persistent critters. This is why we always recommend that they’re removed by hand to safeguard against any regrowth. Sometimes, though, time is of the essence, so it’s perfectly acceptable to use herbicides in your battle against weeds. Just make sure that you use any weed killing sprays in moderation to prevent widespread damage to your lawn.